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Many would ask what is specifc humidity and why I had chosen this as the blog title. The textbook definition of the term is: “The water vapour content measured as weight of vapour per unit weight of air”.

The significance: Too much humidity makes people sweat, very low humidity will cause the skin to crack ( and that’s explain why we need to apply the lotion in winter).

The right humidity makes life comfortable. Humidity is just one of those things that people do not see the significance until it drastically changes. Try go to a different country with a different climate, and you will definitely feel the impact.

The header photo is that of carrick-a-rede, a rope bridge in the Co. Antrim, in the Northern Island. Located not far from the Giant’s Causeway, this object describes the ancient system of capturing salmon by the irishmen. And humidity is something that is very strongly associated with the Irish, giving rise to terms such as Irish fog.

This concept of humidity sits well with my personality also. Someone who sits at the back, looking at life in general. I just hope that this blog will serve us like the humidity has serve our world since its first existence.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.


Zacharias AZ


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